History of Kushin Ryu

History of Kushin Ryu

The Founder of Kushin Ryu


His founder was teacher KIYOTADA SANNOSUKE UESHIMA, born in 1893 in the prefecture of Hyogo (Kobe), in the city of Akou. To the three years he began practices it of the martial arts (Jujitsu, Style Konshin Yujoyitsu) in the Academy of Matsubara of the city of Akou, being his professor Kiyotada Kajei Matsubara. At the age of nine years he knew Mr. Sugaya or Jigaya, a police of the city of Akou, that was native of the city of Okinawa.

With he learned and practice the forms of Karate Kata Channan and Kata Kushanku (the Kata Channan is the base of the Kata Pian being the teacher Ankou Itosu the one that improve and change the original Kata becoming the Kata Pian). In 1918, to the 25 years of age, Ueshima received title of professional of the Style Konshin Yujoyitsu of hands of professor Matsubara and of professor Guikyo Mazai Akada, being this complete his professor and of professor Matsubara simultaneously.

Later, Ueshima transfer to the city of Osaka, where it opened the academy Konshin-Ryu Yujoyitsu, as like a traumatolog√≠a doctor’s office. In the decade one of the 20, several teachers of Karate arrived from Okinawa at the city of Osaka, and with them the Ueshima teacher practice this branch of the martial arts. Their professors were: Choki Motobu, that taught the Tomari-Ja style. Kanamori Kinzyo, that taught the styles Shorin and Goju. Choshin Chibana, founder and professor of the Shorin style.

In 1932 the Ueshima teacher found the style of Karate Kushin Ryu, result of the union of the Konshin-Ryu with elements of the Karate that the teacher add. On 1895 the first organization of martial art of Japan had been based, call Association of Martial Virtue of the Great Japan. In 1933 the Ueshima teacher received title of professor of Judo (KYOSHI) of the Association of Martial Virtue of the Great Japan. Also in 1935 and for the first time in Japan, the mentioned Association of Martial Virtue of the Great Japan conferred to him title jointly of professor of Karate (KYOSHI) with other two professors.

The teachers who received such distinction in that opportunity were: Choyun Miyagi (Founding of the Goju style) Kiyotada Sannosuke Ueshima (founding of the Kushin style) Yasuhiro Konishi (Founding of the style Shindo Shizen) In 1946, to finish of World War II took place the dissolution of the Association of Martial Virtue of the Great Japan. In 1965, the teacher received title of Eighth Give of Judo Kodokan. The teacher Kanamori Kinzyo, professor of the styles Shorin and Goju and professor of Karate of the Ueshima teacher, return to its native Okinawa where he spread the Kushin style.

In 1940 the Kinzyo teacher received title of professor of Karate (Renshi) of the Association of Martial Virtue of the Great Japan. The 6 of September of 1987, to the 94 years of age, the teacher Kiyotada Sannosuke Ueshima, founder of the Kushin style, slept the dream of the eternity in the city of Osaka. The second President(Soke) of the Kushin style is Ph. Dr HORYU MATSUZAKI – (yr-2005)

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